This is a list in progress; or in perpetual change, anyway. We're listing some of our favorite authors and a chronological list of their books. Obviously, not every book can be the writer's best, but we'd like to post the whole list for your convenience. Some authors write different series under their own names, like Charlaine Harris does with her Aurora Teagarden and Lily Bard series; some, like Francine Mathews, write under pseudonyms. Ms. Mathews writes her Merry Folger series under her name, and her Jane Austen series under the name of Stephanie Barron. We'll list what we read by the authors' most commonly used name. Our favorites are highlighted with an *. ( We have lots of favorites).

Rosemary Aubert
Free Reign
The Feast of Stephen
The Ferryman Will be There

James Lee Burke
Half of Paradise
To the Bright and Shining Sun
Lay Down My Sword and Shield
Two for Texas *
The Convict
The Lost Get-Back Boogie
The Neon Rain
Heaven's Prisoners
Black Cherry Blues
A Morning for Flamingos
A Stained White Radiance*
In the Electric Mist with the Confederate Dead *
Dixie City Jam
Burning Angel *
Cadillac Jukebox
Cimarron Rose
Sunset Limited *
Purple Cane Road *
Lee Child
The Killing Floor*
Die Trying
Tripwire *
Running Blind
Echo Burning
Without Fail
Harlan Coben
Deal Breaker*
Drop Shot
Fade Away
Back Spin
One False Move*
The Final Detail*
Darkest Fear
Tell No One
Gone For Good
Tim Cockey
The Hearse You Came in On*
Hearse of a Different Color
Michael Connelly
The Black Echo*
The Black Ice*
The Concrete Blonde*
The Last Coyote*
The Poet*
Trunk Music
Angels Flight
Void Moon*
A Darkness More Than Night
City of Bones
Chasing the Dime
John Connolly
Every Dead Thing*
Dark Hollow
The Killing Kind
Robert Crais
The Monkey's Raincoat*
Stalking the Angel*
Lullaby Town*
Free Fall
Voodoo River
Sunset Express*
Indigo Slam
LA Requiem*
Demolition Angel*
John Dunning
Booked to Die*
The Bookman's Wake*
Earl Emerson-Thomas Black series
The Rainy City*
Poverty Bay
Nervous Laughter
Fat Tuesday*
Deviant Behavior
Yellow Dog Party
The Portland Laugher
The Vanishing Smile
The Million Dollar Tattoo*
Deception Pass
Catfish Cafe
Vertical Burn
Mac Fontana series-
Black Hearts and Slow Dancing*
Help Wanted:Orphans Preferred
Morons and Madmen
Going Crazy in Public*
The Dead Horse Paint Company
Janet Evanovich
One for the Money*
Two for the Dough*
Three to Get Deadly*
Four to Score*
High Five*
Hot Six*
Seven Up
Hard Eight
Visions of Sugarplums
Terence Faherty-Owen Keane
Live to Regret
The Lost Keats
Die Dreaming*
Prove the Nameless*
The Ordained*
Orion Rising*
Scott Elliott Series-
Kill Me Again
Come Back Dead
Raise the Devil
Who in Hell Is Wanda Fucha?*
Cast in Stone*
The Bum's Rush
Slow Burn*
Last Ditch
The Deader the Better
Black River
Earlene Fowler
Fool's Puzzle*
Irish Chain
Kansas Troubles*
Goose in the Pond
Dove in the Window
Mariner's Compass
Seven Sisters
Arkansas Traveler
Charlaine Harris-Lily Bard series
Shakespeare's Landlord*
Shakespeare's Champion*
Shakespeare's Christmas
Shakespeare's Trollop
Shakespeare's Counselor
Aurora Teagarden series
A Secret Rage
Real Murders
A Bone to Pick
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse*
The Julius House
Dead Over Heels*
A Fool and His Honey
Sparkle Hayter
The Last Manly Man
What's A Girl Gotta Do?
Nice Girls Finish Last
Revenge of the Cootie Girls
Joan Hess
Strangled Prose*
The Murder at the Mimosa Inn
Dear Miss Demeanor
Roll Over and Play Dead
A Diet to Die For
A Really Cute Corpse*
Death by the Light of the Moon
Poisoned Pins
Closely Akin to Murder
Busy Bodies
Tickled to Death*
A Holly, Jolly Murder
A Conventional Corpse
Out On a Limb - Claire Mallory
Marne Davis Kellogg
Bad Manners*
Nothing But Gossip*
Birthday Party
Laurie King-Kate Martinelli series
A Grave Talent*
To Play the Fool*
With Child*
Night Work
Mary Russell series-
The Beekeeper's Apprentice*
A Monstrous Regiment of Women
A Letter of Mary*
The Moor
O Jerusalem
Justice Hall
Keeping Watch
Virginia Lanier
Death in Bloodhound Red*
The House on Bloodhound Lane*
A Brace of Bloodhounds
Blind Bloodhound Justice*
Ten Little Bloodhounds
Dennis Lehane
A Drink Before the War*
Darkness, Take My Hand*
Gone Baby Gone*
Prayers for Rain
Mystic River
Marianne Macdonald
Death's Autograph*
Ghost Walk*
Smoke Screen*
Road Kill
Blood Lies
Die Once
Margaret Maron
Bootlegger's Daughter
Southern Discomfort
Shooting at Loons
Up Jumps the Devil
Killer Market
Home Fires
Storm Track
Uncommon Clay
Slow Dollar

Francine Mathews
Death in the Off Season*
Death in Rough Water*
Death in Mood Indigo*
Death in a Cold Hard Light*
Sharyn McCrumb-Elizabeth MacPherson series
Sick of Shadows*
Lovely in Her Bones
Highland Laddie Gone
Paying the Piper
The Windsor Knot*
Missing Susan*
MacPherson's Lament
If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him...*
The PMS Outlaws
Zombies of the Gene Pool*
Bimbos of the Death Sun*
The Rosewood Casket
She Walks These Hills
The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter*
If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O
Foggy Mountain Breakdown-short stories
The Ballad of Frankie Silver*
Susanna Hofmann McShea
Hometown Heroes*
The Pumpkin Shell Wife
Ladybug, Ladybug*

Katy Munger
Out of Time*
Money to Burn
Bad to the Bone
Better Off Dead
Carol O'Connell
Mallory's Oracle*
The Man Who Cast Two Shadows*
Killing Critics
Stone Angel*
Shell Game*
Judas Child-independent*
Crime School - Mallory
Katherine Hall Page
The Body in the Belfry*
The Body in the Kelp
The Body in the Bouillon*
The Body in the Vestibule
The Body in the Cast*
The Body in the Basement
The Body in the Bog
The Body in the Fjord
The Body in the Bookcase*
The Body in the Big Apple
The Body in the Moonlight
The Body in the Bonfire
Robert B. Parker-Spencer series
God Save the Child
Mortal Stakes
Promised Land
Three Weeks in Spring
The Judas Goat
Looking for Rachel Wallace*
Early Autumn
A Savage Place
The Widening Gyre
Love and Glory
A Catskill League
Taming A Sea-Horse
Pale Kings and Princes
Crimson Joy
Poodle Springs
Perchance to Dream
Double Deuce*
Paper Doll
Walking Shadow
Thin Air
Small Vices*
Sudden Mischief
Hush Money
Hugger Mugger
Jesse Stone series
Night Passage*
Trouble in Paradise*
Death in Paradise*
Norman Partridge
Saguaro Riptide*
The Ten Ounce Siesta*
Kathy Reichs
Deja Dead
Death Du Jour
Deadly Decisions
Fatal Voyage
Greg Rucka
Shooting at Midnight
Critical Space
Lisa Scottoline
Everywhere That Mary Went
Final Appeal
Running From the Law*
Legal Tender
Rough Justice
Mistaken Identity
Moment of Truth
The Vendetta Defense
Courting Trouble
Sarah R. Shaber
Simon Said*
Snipe Hunt
Fugitive King
Kathy Hogan Trochek-Callahan Garrity series
Every Crooked Nanny*
To Live and Die in Dixie
Homemade Sin
Happy Never After*
Heart Trouble*
Strange Brew*
Midnight Clear
Irish Eyes
Truman Kickliter series
Crash Course
Kerry Tucker
Still Waters*
Cold Feet*
Death Echo
Drift Away
Mary Willis Walker
Zero at the Bone
The Red Scream*
Under the Beetle's Cellar*
All the Dead Lie Down
Minette Walters
The Echo*
The Dark Room
The Scold's Bridle
The Sculptress*
The Ice House
The Breaker*
The Shape of Snakes
John Wessel
This Far, No Further*
Pretty Ballerina
Kiss It Goodbye



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